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How do I reduce fall risk in the home
How do I reduce fall risk in the home

Tips to reduce fall risk in the home

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There several ways to reduce fall risk in the home.

Here are a few tips to help minimize fall risk:

  • Remove clutter, clear pathways, and organize household items

  • Ensure that electrical cords and telephone wires are kept out of pathways

  • Remove throw rugs or securely attach these rugs so that they do not slip or pose a trip hazard

  • Inspect faucets and valves to ensure that they are in excellent condition and unlikely to leak onto a tiled surface and pose an unexpected slip hazard

  • Use night lights in the bathroom, bedroom, and hallways

  • Ensure that a lamp or light switch is within easy reach so that one does not have to get out of bed to turn on a light

  • Keep a flashlight within easy reach in case of a power outage

  • Install grab bars in the bathing areas and next to the toilet to provide assistance and safety

  • Install tread strips on the shower or tub floor and on the bathroom floor to reduce slip hazards

  • keep items that are used frequently within easy reach

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