What is a team?

Team is the term used to refer to the group of people you are collaborating with on the Mteja platform. It is often made up of individuals in your organization.

How do I set up a team?
To create a team, click on the Create Team button on the right hand side of the Mteja dashboard homepage. 

Fill in the Name and Account Name which will be used to identify your Team Account and proceed. Name can be the name of the organization and Account name, a unique name to identify the team.

Note: Account Name will be used when making payments. Click here to learn more about it in Team Wallet

You can create as many teams as you need for your communication projects and all your teams will appear on the dashboard homepage as seen in the image below;

How do I add team members?

Once you have created the team, click on the team button to open the Team Overview menu. 

Select the Team Members button to reveal the members in your team and where to add more members. 

Click on the Add Member button on the right-hand side of the dashboard to add members to your team.
PS: The members need to have created an account on Mteja for their email address to appear. 

To add a member, type out the member's email address then assign the member rights to the platform.

What are permissions?
Permissions refer to the roles and authority a team member has in the team.  
Here are the definitions of the different permissions:

Admin: The member can be able to;
Add and remove members.  
Change permissions for other members.
Manage contacts.

Make and receive calls, send messages
Write: The member is able to;

Manage contacts.
Add and delete contacts.

Make and receive calls, send messages
Read: The member is allowed to;
View but not perform any actions on the team's dashboard.

Agent: The member is allowed to;

Make and receive calls, send messages
Owner: This is the creator of the team and holds reserves all rights to the team account.
Use all the features on the platform and also remove and add all members.

Once you have done this, click Add and an email invitation will be sent to the team member(s) and they will be able to access the team dashboard.

Invited members with no accounts on Mteja will appear under Pending Invites.
Here's is a link on how to Set Up a Mteja account

You will be able to see all team members displayed on the Add Members page.

How to remove team members?

Team members can be removed by the owner of the account or a team member with Admin rights.

Please note, to allow members to access the products within the account i.e SMS, IVR/Call Center, Airtime, you will need to add the team member(s) to the App.

How to delete a team

Only the owner of a tema can delete a team. Select the team that you wish to delete from the Mteja dashboard home page.

Once on the team page, click on the Edit icon

Click on the Delete icon to reveal the delete pop up.

Type the team name you would like to delete.

Press delete and proceed to delete the account.

Please note that you will not be able to delete the team if you have any existing apps within the team and proceed.

Once you delete the team, you will not be able to access the team page and you will receive the message above once on the page.

Click here to learn more on creating Apps, to help you get started on the account.

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