What is an App?

The App holds your team resources like Sender ID, Keyword, Shortcode that allow you to use Mteja services like; Bulk SMS. The app is created after creating a team.

How do I create an App?

After creating a team you will be prompted to create an App

Click on the CREATE APP button, key in the requested details

Click on the CREATE button to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can add an APP by Selecting the Team,  then clicking on the CREATE APP button

How do I add members to an App?
To collaborate with your teammates and use the platform, you need to add them to the App you are using.

Select the App you intend on adding them to and select the settings icon at the bottom left of the navigation bar. 

PS: They must be part of a team first before you can add them to an App. Kindly refer to Teams on how to do just that.

Click on the Add Member button and enter their email address then assign them permission and rights on the platform.

How to change members access from the App

Select the member from the members list by clicking on their name

Click on the REMOVE button, to confirm the action click on the REMOVE button

(PS: If you wish to remove the App member , you can stop here.)

To add the member with new privileges, click on the ADD MEMBER hyperlink, at the top right hand side of the page

Select the member from the drop-down list, then select the new privilege.

Click on the ADD button to complete the process.

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