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HOW TO | Save Playback Custom Arrangements
HOW TO | Save Playback Custom Arrangements

Information on saving and recalling custom arrangements in the Playback app.

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Understanding Saves Custom Arrangements

Saving Custom Arrangements in Playback gives you the power to save a song's details like the mix, song sections and much more to the cloud; so that you can spend less time editing your tracks and more time preparing for what really matters.

Saving and loading Custom Arrangements is possible with any song in our catalogue, whether you are renting the song or own any track product of the song. You can even create and save custom arrangements for uploaded cloud songs.


These two subscriptions are required in order to create save custom arrangements in playback.

  • Cloud Pro Intro or higher.

  • Playback Pro or Premium.

What is saved with a Custom Arrangement?

A custom arrangement will save the following info:

  • Selected Tracks for the song

  • Key and Tempo for the song

  • Track fader positions for the song

  • Song section changes

Saving Custom Arrangements

  1. Enter Edit mode by tapping "Edit" and then select the song that you wish to save an arrangement for by tapping the ellipsis (⋯) on the song tile.

  2. In this menu, find the "Arrangements" section for the song and click "Save As New" to title and save the current song state as a new arrangement.

    Continue to tweak and save changes to the loaded arrangement by clicking "Save To Cloud."

Recalling Custom Arrangements

Load a previously-saved arrangement by tapping "Arrangement” in the song’s edit menu and selecting your preferred arrangement from the list.

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