To help this process go more smoothly, please make sure you are in a well lit area.

Go to and click the green "VERIFY ME" button.

  1. Select what country your ID document is from

  2. Enter your email address you will use with Municibid and click Continue

  3. Click Start Camera

  4. Follow the instructions to record your selfie video

  5. Choose the document you want to scan, and click Continue

  6. Click Start Camera

  7. Frame your ID document and click Take picture. Click Confirm to submit your ID document, or click Redo to take the picture again. You many need to take pictures of both the front and back of the document

  8. Click Confirm to securely transfer your information

  9. Click Finish

Most ID verifications take a few minutes to verify. You will be emailed with the status of your ID verification.

More FAQ on ID Verifications

How secure is this verification process?

We use a highly-trusted, leading provider called PassBase. PassBase securely stores the IDs. We need to have them on file in the event there is an issue. For example, if we have a defaulting bidder, we need to be able to access the ID in the event we need to provide this information to the government seller, or as part of legal proceedings.

I don’t have a mobile phone with a camera. How do I verify my ID?

You can also use a laptop or desktop computer with access to a webcam. If you do not have a webcam, please contact us. We can work with you on getting a copy of your ID.

Why does Municibid require ID's to place a bid?

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