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For Sellers

Help documents for sellers

Removing or Lowering a ReserveInformation on removing or lower your reserve price
How do I resize my imagesHelp on decreasing image size or batch editing
How to remove or delete a listing
Winning bidder is unresponsive or hasn't paid for their won auctionHave a bidder/buyer who hasn't paid for their won auction listing? Here's how we can help.
Share your Municibid Store PageHow to share your Municibid store page to your users
Top 10 Seller TipsUse these top 10 seller tips to setup your auction for the best results.
Mark an item as Picked UpHow to mark an item picked up.
How do I turn off bid received emails from coming to my inbox
How do I find my current or past listings?
How do I end an auction early?
Can we offer an item to the highest bidder if it doesn’t meet reserve
How do I create a Sold Asset report?
I cannot respond to a bidder’s question.
Do we still need to run a legal advertisement/notice?
As a Seller, what happens after an auction closes?
Can I put an item in two categories?
What if the winning bidder does not complete the transaction?
So, how does Municibid make money?
How does Municibid market our items?
Can we set the auction duration?
Can we reject the final bid?
Can we set a reserve price?
Is there a cost for us to auction items on Municibid?
Can I edit my listing?
How do I create an invoice?
How do I list a similar item or relist an old listing?
How do I mark an invoice paid?
Who can sell items on Municibid?
Can I accept sealed bids or list my item on another website?