Not everyone has the same collaboration needs in MURAL. We get that. To help facilitate efficient collaboration, MURAL has different collaborator types: admins, members, guests, and visitors.



  • Guests and visitors may be disabled on some Enterprise plans depending on company settings.

  • Free plans have unlimited members and visitors, yet have other limitations in comparison to paid plans. On the Free plan, visitors can request edit access from the mural owner in order to edit and collaborate in the mural. Read about all our plans.

Types of collaborators

Here is a list of collaborators and their roles within MURAL:

Collaborator type


Workspace admins

Have the ability to manage workspace settings, remove members, manage billing, and configure workspace member permissions.

Company admins

Manage company-wide settings across multiple workspaces. Company admins are only available on our Enterprise plan.


A member is a workspace collaborator with editing and ownership rights of multiple murals or rooms. Members typically belong to your core team as they need uninterrupted access to MURAL. Members have a profile, consume licenses, can create rooms, murals, and invite others.


External stakeholders, partners, and clients outside of your company's domain. Guests have restricted access, such as not being able to create rooms and only having access to rooms they are invited into.

Guests are only available for our Enterprise, Business, Education, and Partner plans.


One-time collaborators with restricted access. If enabled, visitors can edit and add content to the mural anonymously (or with their name) in a mural without an account via the visitor share link.

Visitors can not see keyboard shortcuts nor chat with support.

Collaborator permissions

Different collaborators have different permissions in MURAL. Below is a chart with detailed collaborator permissions:


If you wish to do a deeper dive into our collaborator types, these are the recommended articles to read:

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