If you need to invite someone into your mural quickly, you can use a visitor link. With a visitor link, anyone outside of your workspace can either view or collaborate on your murals. And, they won’t have to create an account or log in to your workspace.


Permissions and limitations

Invite a visitor

Revoke visitor access

Accessing a mural as a visitor

Permissions and limitations

Visitors have special functionality in MURAL, here are some important things to know about visitors before collaborating:

  • Visitors who join with editing permissions can collaborate in a mural just as though they were a member.

  • Visitors who join with a view link can’t edit, but they will see changes in real-time and be able to follow and be followed.

  • If you don’t see the option to send a visitor link, it means that it has been disabled at the company or workspace level. This also applies if you don’t have the option to give visitors editing access.

Visitors can’t:

  • Lock/unlock elements.

  • Invite new collaborators.

  • Export murals.

  • Use the chat feature to chat with other collaborators.

  • Access the mural's activity log.

  • Send items to Jira.

  • View the rest of the murals in the room or the workspace.

  • Receive SLACK, Teams or email notifications.

  • Duplicate murals.

  • Be invited by email.

Invite a visitor

Here's how to invite a visitor to your mural:

1. Click Share in the upper right of your mural.

2. Click the Visitors tab.

3. Select whether ‘Workspace members’ with visitor link or ‘Anyone with the visitor link’ can view, can edit or have no access.

4. Click Copy link and send it to your visitors.

Revoke visitor access

In case you want to “kick out” visitors from your mural or ensure that the link is no longer valid for future use, you can revoke visitor access.

Here’s how to revoke access and generate a new visitor link:

1. Click Share in the upper right of your mural.

2. Click the Visitors tab.

3. Click the Reset link icon.

4. Click Reset link on the pop-up menu.

Accessing a mural as a visitor

When accessing your mural using a visitor link, visitors are prompted to enter their name and email. Both of these fields are optional.

Visitors who enter an email address receive an email containing a link to this mural so they don’t lose or misplace important work.

If a visitor chooses not to enter their name, they are represented anonymously as a “visiting animal.” For example, an anonymous visitor could show on your mural as "Visiting Shark" or "Visiting Elephant".

Note: Visitors accessing a mural that is part of an Enterprise workspace are not prompted to enter their email address.

Now go ahead and enjoy the wonder and magic of instantaneous collaboration. ✨

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