Focus on your patient, not your protocols. Muru tailors all doses to your credential and your agency's inventory profile. Muru recognizes all search queries in all forms (Short hand and complete sentences).

Try these queries:

  1. "Defibrillation VF"

  2. "How much Albuterol do I give to my Asthma pt?"

  3. "How much epi do I give to my 8yo patient?

Want a little more? Try Dose Builder!

Muru's Dose Builder helps new users structure doses. Dose Builder guides the user through all Muru's dose process. You can find this on the apps main page or on the side menu

Step 1: Fill out your patient's information

Step 2: Select the medication or equipment you want to administer to your patient

Step 3: Select the patient's condition you are trying to treat

Step 4: Observe the doses for the elected medications and patient condition

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