Invite Email

If you haven't receive your Muru invite email 2 days after signing up please contact us at and we can help.

Signing up for an Account

Register for a new account on Muru by adding your name, email address, and setting a password. 

Joining your Organization 

Once you've created an account you should see the following screen where you should confirm your credential level.

If everything looks OK, hit the Accept Invite button.

Note: if anything looks wrong at this point, please hit the help button in the bottom right and we can assist you.

Downloading the Muru App

Almost there! After confirming you login and provider credentials, you should see the following screen. 

Enter your phone number and you will be messaged a link to downloading the app.

Sign into the Muru App

The last step is to sign into the Muru app you just downloaded by providing your email and password that you used in the Signing up for an Account step.

... And you're done! If you have any trouble, please email us at and we can assist.

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