Muru is customized to your level of certification, location, and inventory at your agency. Inventory includes the medications and equipment you carry. Entering your inventory only takes a few minutes. Please note:

  • Once you enter it, it'll apply to everyone in your agency. They won't have to do anything!

  • Dosing, equipment, and medications won't work until you fill out your inventory

  • You can update your inventory at any time as it changes

  • If you have an agency subscription, inventory is controlled by administrators

Table of Contents

Starting Off

Inventory Option Not There

Updating Your Inventory

Starting Off

After you login to your new account you will be brought to the dashboard. You will see a progress bar called "Inventory Setup."

Click on this box to add, remove, or change any medications or equipment carried. To get the most out of Muru, we recommend you complete the inventory setup before going out into the field. The box will always update to reflect your inventory selection progress.

How to Add Medications and Equipment to Your Organization

After clicking on the progress bar, you will be brought to the inventory setup website. Here you can select the concentrations and storage methods for the medications defined by your protocol set. If you have more than one concentration of medication or storage method of a medication, please select both.  If your agency doesn't have the medication at all, click "We don't carry it." If you're not sure about the concentrations, you can always skip and enter them in at another time!

Updating Your Inventory

Click on the menu icon (3 lines) in the top right corner and find the medication or equipment that you want to change or remove. Click on the 3 dots and follow the prompts.

Inventory Option Not There?

Don't worry. We can always add your equipment, storage method, or concentration. Just click "Contact us and we'll add it," send us a photo, and we will get you up and running in no time!

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