As an admin you have the ability to add and remove members from your organization; you can access this from the 'Members' section of your organization within the Muru web platform.

Inviting new users

To invite new users, click the 'Invite new members' button in the top right of the members screen.

At anytime you can invite new users to your organization but you can never exceed the limit of the number of seats you've purchased. When inviting new users, you will see the number of seats remaining:

Please note: invited users will count towards your total number of available seats

When you invite a member you will need to:

  • Email address. The email address you enter should be the same email they are using for their personal Muru account. We suggest emailing all of your members and asking them if they already have an account.

  • Assign the user a role

  • Assign provider credentials - EMT, Paramedic, etc.

You can send multiple invites at once by clicking the "+" button and filling out the required fields. Each invited user will receive an email prompting them to join your organization on Muru, and link them to get the started on the Muru app.



Inventory Mgr


Super Admin

Use App


Manage Inventory




Add / Remove Users



Control Billing



  • You can select more than one role for an individual. For almost all admins it will be one of the three admin roles and the medic role.

  • Medic does not mean paramedic, it means an ems provider

Accepting Invites

Once you have sent someone an invite, they will automatically be sent an email asking them to accept the invite. All they need to do is follow the instructions in the email to complete the signup process. This can be done on their phone or computer.

Managing Pending Invites

Until the users accept the invite, he or she will be in the “pending invitations” section. Here, you can remove any invites that you have sent out. If a user is unable to find the invite, you can always resend the invite by removing them from the “pending invitations” and re-adding them. 

Removing users from your organization

If a user should no longer have access to Muru, you can remove them by clicking the three dot menu on right of their name and selecting 'Remove member'.

Please note: removing users from your organization will immediately free up a seat and that user will no longer have access to the Muru app.

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