Muru has three different products we offer to EMS: free, premium, and agency. In anticipation of our launch of the agency product, we are offering a 30% off pre-order sale!

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions you can always reach out to us at or chat with us live by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

What is your pricing with the discount?

Pre-Order Agency = $67.20 /year

Normal Agency = $96.00 /year

Why do I only see one product online right now?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to make Muru Premium free for everyone in New York State. As New York Medics ourselves, we know this is the right thing to do.

Sign up for your account and have your members do so as well. It's 100% free.

What happens when COVID is over?

Muru will never charge for our product without your express permission. This is why we don't take your payment information. When we do start billing each individual will be given a choice:

  1. Be automatically moved to Muru Free

  2. Have your organization buy Muru Agency (includes Muru Premium for all providers)

  3. Enter your payment information to buy Muru Premium ($96/year + $12/yr/extra agency)

If the individual does nothing, they will be automatically moved to Muru's Free version.

What are the differences between the three products?

All Muru's products are customized to you. To see a full list of details you can read our article here: Difference between free, premium, and agency. Here is a brief overview:





  • Protocols

  • Equipment

  • Medications

  • Hospitals




Phone directory




Instant Notifications




Protocol Search



Dosing Calculations



Notification Compliance


Control Signups


Training Insights


Is the pre-order only for one year?

You can purchase as many years of the discounted rate as you would like.

For example, an agency that wants to take advantage of the discount for 3 years for 50 people...

$96 /year x 50 subscriptions x 3 years = $14,400

$14,400 - 30% discount = $10,080

Pre-Order savings = $4,320

What happens after the discount ends?

You will be charged the non discounted price of $96/user/year once all your pre-order subscriptions have been used.

What if I don't use all the subscriptions I purchased?

Any subscriptions you don't use will automatically be rolled over to the next year.


50 subscriptions purchased - 40 subscriptions used

= 10 subscriptions available for year 2

Is the membership attached to a specific person?

No. You can remove a subscription from a member that leaves your agency and issue it to a new member at any time.

Can I add more subscriptions later?

Yes, you can add as many additional subscriptions as you want to your agency but they will be at the normal price.

How do I get Muru outside New York?

We have received requests from EMTs and Paramedics in 44 states as well as many other countries. We plan to start expanding outside of New York in 2021 and demand will play a key role in that decision. Please click here and type in your information to be placed on the waitlist. The more people that are added to the waitlist, the sooner we will get to your region.

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