This article is for organizations that have Muru's Agency plan. If you would like to sign up for your agency please reach out to us at

Muru has different levels of users within your agency/organization. Here are the different roles:


Inventory Manager


Access App


Manage Inventory



Adjust profile



Add/remove users




In order to add an inventory manager or admin here are the steps:

Step 1: Add them to Muru

  1. Login at

  2. Click on members - in the left-hand panel

  3. Click on invite new member - upper right corner, green box

  4. Add their email address

  5. Select, "Medic" - do this even if you plan to make them a manager/admin

  6. Select their certification level (EMT, paramedic, etc.)

  7. Click plus to add more users - next to the user's email address

  8. Click invite members - green button, bottom of screen

  9. Your member will receive an email to sign up. You will be able to monitor this progress, members who haven't signed up will be listed under, "pending invitations" on the top of the screen. Once they've signed up they will appear as users.

That's it! Your member is all ready to use Muru! 🚑 🎉

Note: If you do not see the provider's level of certification listed choose the closest approximate level. For more information please read my certification level isn't listed.

Step 2: Add/remove supervisory roles

  1. Confirm their account is set up - Go to the members section and see if they are listed there. If not, see if they are still in the "pending invitations" in the upper right corner. If so, go to that email so they can sign up for an account or delete them from the pending invitations list and re-add them (from step 1 above) to have them receive a new email invite from Muru.

  2. Click the three dots - to the far right of their name in the same row

  3. Click change role

  4. Click edit

  5. Check the box next to the inventory manager OR admin. You can also uncheck a box instead if you are looking to remove that role from the account. Always leave the medic role checked as the means the account will no longer have access to Muru's app. If not, your user will get the error, "You're not allowed to access that resource."

  6. Click anywhere outside the selection pane

  7. Click update

That's it! The user's new role will be instantly added to their account. 🚑 🎉

Step 3: Deleting a user from Muru

This is for deleting a user from your agency entirely. If you simply wish to remove their manager/admin access please follow step 2 above.

  1. Login at

  2. Click on members - in the left-hand panel

  3. Locate the account - in the main window, or searching for their name/email in the mid/upper left section.

  4. Click the three dots - to the far right of their name in the same row

  5. Click remove member

  6. Click remove member - on the confirmation page

That's it! The user's account is now removed from your agency and they no longer have access to the app.

Note: They may still have access to the app in general if they are working for another agency that also has Muru but you will no longer be billed for them nor will they have access to any of your information.

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