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My certification level isn't listed
My certification level isn't listed

Selecting the right certification level when yours isn't listed

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Muru customizes our app to your certification level. That means when you search for a protocol or an intervention, like a dose, we'll only show you the ones that your protocols authorize you to do.

When Muru codes your protocol set into our system we add all the certification levels mentioned. If you are at a different level than one of those, you should pick the certification one lower than your level.

Let's say the protocol set in Smith County only has Paramedic, EMT Intermediate, and EMT. Here are the levels different people should select:

  • Critical Care Paramedic should choose Paramedic

  • Flight Nurse should choose Paramedic

  • Advanced EMT should choose EMT

Note: If you are a provider at more than one agency, you may see different certification levels available there if the other agency is operating under a different protocol set.

If you believe your protocol set covers another level that we don't provide you should feel free to reach out to us either by clicking on the blue chat icon on the right-hand side of this page or by emailing us at

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