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As providers ourselves, we understand the burden physicians face ensuring EMS providers apply the best care for their patients, while trying to remember what interventions are in scope for EMTs vs AEMTs vs Paramedics.

At Muru we understand this complexity and have created a platform where not only do we pull in all the state and local content applicable to a provider, but we also customize it to each providers certification. So their entire interaction is fast and relevant to them. For physicians, we allow them quickly swap between certifications so they can adapt to each certification level.

If you have any questions you can reach us by

  • live chat on our website (little chat icon, bottom right corner)

  • live chat in app (upper left corner, for menu, then click help)

  • emailing us at

Content Included

  • State and regional for all of the below...

  • Protocols

  • Policies / Advisories

  • Formularies

  • Manufacturer recommendations

  • EMS hospital data


  • Muru updates automatically with any new content instantly

  • Muru will notify you of any important changes

  • All content customized to region and certification level

  • Premium features

    • Search assistant, dosing calculator

    • Premium features are free for now but will be for a fee soon

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How to Access

  1. Go to

  2. Click, "sign up free"

  3. Enter your local zip code

  4. Search "OLMC" select "_____ OLMC - EMT"

    1. Select EMT as your certification level

    2. Make sure to select the, "complete signup" button

  5. Log in to the app to add the additional certification levels

    1. Click upper right corner circle

    2. Click add new agency

    3. Select next certification level (ex. paramedic)

    4. Select the SAME certification level as the OLMC level you selected
      ________ OLMC - Paramedic select paramedic certification

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