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Can I re-release my music that has already been published by another distributor?
Can I re-release my music that has already been published by another distributor?

Re-releasing music through MusicHub that was previously published by other distributors.

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Yes, you can. However, you would have to request a takedown with your old distributor.

If you are looking to release with us and retain the streams of this older release on Spotify, then releasing the work with us first is imperative. Once the release is published through MusicHub, you can request a takedown from your old distributor. This will guarantee that the plays synchronise with the new release.

The synchronisation of these old and new release versions is done through ISRC codes. When uploading each song with MusicHub, there is a field to add these ISRC codes. If you don't have them to hand, you can usually find them via the following link:!/search

It is important to note that your release will currently only be distributed to the currently offered streaming services and platforms. If you would like to initiate a takedown, your release will only go live on these platforms after it has been re-released on MusicHub. A takedown is irreversible, therefore it is important to take this into consideration before deciding.


If you submit a release that is already online with another distributor, it could be that our system detects a copyright warning. Our system scans every release that is already published online, to make sure that duplicates don’t get uploaded to the streaming platforms. This is basically to protect all musicians, so that people do not upload music that does not belong to them.

When your release is being checked for the QC process, it could be that it gets rejected. We just need to confirm with you that you have the right to distribute this release. The release will then be rejected back to you, with a message telling you why. To confirm that the work is yours, you just have to resubmit the release.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team by email ( or via the chat function on our website.

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