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How to start pre-promoting your release
How to start pre-promoting your release

Promote your release, even before it goes live

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Even before your release goes live, you can start thinking about how you're going to promote your new track(s) and plan in advance.

Time to create your EPK

Set up your personal Electronic Press Kit to contact online journals, magazines or renowned websites who cater to an audience that matches your own. Here are some essentials you should include:

  • Press photo: a photo representing you as an artist

  • Artist bio: a description of who you are, what you make and what makes you interesting. About 120 words as a guideline

  • Release bio & artwork: a short text about the release - what inspired it, the lyrical content, who worked on it etc.

  • Release link: a streamable, private link if your release is not out yet

We've included an example of how a one pager would look but feel free to expand your EPK as much as you feel is necessary.

Contact curators

It’s important to get your music in the hands of curators, even before it’s live - which means private playlisters on DSPs (on top of pitching via Spotify), independent radio stations, bloggers etc. You have two options for this:

  1. Manually research and make a list of people to contact in Excel, including their email, status, any links etc. or

  2. Use a paid aggregation platform, like our partner Groover, to create a campaign to send to multiple curators at once

Bear in mind that option 1 is very time-intensive and you might not even be able to find a curator’s contact details. Option 2 is much more efficient, but still takes some time to set up. We would recommend going with Groover, based on prior feedback and results from other MusicHub artists.

Let's get your music heard!

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