Congratulations on your growing studio! You can upgrade your Music Teacher’s Helper account by clicking the “My Account” button at the top right-hand corner of the page once you’re logged in. There you can select the plan you want to upgrade to.

Upgrading from a Free account to a paying account will charge you credit card at that time.

Note that if you are paying through Paypal, then your account won’t actually be upgraded until your next billing cycle. This is because Paypal doesn’t support prorating. If you would like to be upgraded now, then go ahead and upgrade, and then send us a manual payment for the difference by logging into your Paypal account and clicking the “Send Money” tab at the top. Payments can be sent to In the notes, please let us know that this is a prorated amount for your upgrade. We will then go ahead and manually upgrade your account. This step is unnecessary if you are paying for your account with a credit card.

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