1) Open the Home page for editing and right-click on the picture. On the shortcut menu, select Image Properties. This will bring up the Image Properties dialog box.

2) At the bottom of the Image Properties dialog box, on the Image Info tab, there is a setting for Alignment. The default is "<not set>". I changed it to "Left", since the image was on the left side of the page already.

3) This will allow text to start to the right of the image, but the text starts right up against the image, instead of giving it some space. So I clicked the Increase Indent button, but that only increases it so far, but it puts the code I needed in the first paragraph for me so I didn't have to remember what it is.

4) I then clicked on Source in the editor toolbar, and found the start of the first paragraph of text, which starts out with, "<p style="margin-left:xxxpx">" Where the xxx is, there was a number smaller than 350, and I changed it to 360, since 10px is usually a good margin offset for something like this.

5) I saved the page, and the result is what you see now at http://tabithashepherdstudio.musicteachershelper.com/.

The trickiest part is adjusting the margin of the text. If you enter a carriage return, then the text will continue to be indented by the same amount that you set, and you'll need to decrease the indent amount, until it goes where you want it to be.

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