Step 1 - Enable Self Scheduling and create Classes

  1. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select Settings from the menu that drops down

  2. Click on the Student Self-Schedule tab and then click the button that says, "Allow your students to sign up for lessons and events based on your calendar availability"

  3. In the expanded form, enter a name for a class.This is the most involved part. You can name the class anything you like. Some examples might be: "30 minute private session" "60 minute online lesson" "45 minute piano lesson" "Special Class for High School Age Students" -- It can be anything you want, as long as it will make sense to you and your students. The name is the only thing they will see when they are choosing they class they want to register for.

  4. Set a Duration and select if you want this class to be for only 1 student, or if you want it to be available as a Group thing.Solo classes will cause the software to only allow one student to pick that time slot. For Group classes, you need to specify how many students are allowed to register. The software will stop allowing registration when the maximum you set have registered.

  5. Select Rate Packages - You can select as many rate packages as you want for this. When you select a rate package, if a student assigned to that rate package books time as that class, they will be charged their default lesson rate from that package. Many teachers have a direct correlation between the amount charged per lesson, and the duration of the lesson. It is important to remember that here. If you have one rate for 60 minutes lessons, and a different rate for 30 minute lessons, don't select the 60 minute rate package for classes with a duration of 30 minutes.

  6. Set the "other" rate - If a student books this class, and they are not assigned to any of the rate packages selected in step 5, they will be charged whatever is here, instead. This means, if you leave this blank, they will not be charged anything, so make sure you enter something here if that is not what you want.

  7. Set a Description for the class

  8. Click the green Create Class button to save what you've entered above.

You can repeat these steps until you have all of the classes that you plan to offer in this way

Step 2 - Setting Availability

  1. Go to the Calendar and click on a date where you want to be available, then click Set Availability from the list that drops down.

  2. Make sure that you select the radio button that says, "Available."  This should be selected by default. Note that when you want to block a date, or a portion of a date, you would select "Unavailable" and the software will prevent lessons from being created on that date, during the unavailable block of time you set.

  3. Give the block of available time a title. This is optional, but it can be helpful in identifying what's available for that day. For example, if you taught Piano and voice, and you only wanted Piano Students on Wednesday, and you only wanted Voice students on Thursday, you can indicate that in the title and it will be visible when viewing the calendar to give the students some extra guidance.

  4. Date Range - If you want to set a range of dates for this availability, then you can do so here. Note that, if you set availability to be From 10am To 6pm from March 30 until April 30, the software will mark you as available every day from March 30 until April 30. Repeating the availability is usually more desirable. Date Ranges work great, however, for blocking dates for things like spring break or vacation time you want to take. Date ranges for unavailable blocks work best with the All Day option.

  5. All Day - For the most part, it is not recommended that you set your Availability as All Day. This literally means from midnight to 11:59pm. So, if you don't want student booking time at 3:30 in the morning, or 10:00 at night, don't select this. If you are setting Unavailable time, however, this is generally a good option to select.

  6. Date & Time - Confirm that the date is correct, and then set the From Time and the To Time. Note that this defaults to the current time for both fields, so if you don't change them, then nobody will be able to book anything! The software will not allow any bookings that start before the From Time, and it will not allow any bookings that would end after the To Time.

  7. Repeating Options - You can set the availability to repeat at regular intervals. For example, you could set it to repeat every week on Wednesdays, or any other day of the week that makes sense for you. These options work the same as they do when setting up a repeating lesson.

  8. Select Class(es) to offer - Here you can select which classes you want students to have available to them. Only the classes that you choose will be available to them when they book during this availability block. Classes that you do not choose will not be offered to them at the time of booking.

It's important to note here that you can only set one block of time per date that is Available or Unavailable. You cannot have part of the day available for some classes, and part of the day available for other classes. Similarly, you cannot set Available in the afternoon, and set Unavailable in the morning and evening. If you need to have a break time in the middle of a block, such as a lunch hour or something like that, use a personal appointment for that. For example, suppose that you want to be available for lessons on Saturday from 10am until 5pm, but you don't want anyone booking anything while you're having lunch from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. Set your Available block of time From 10am To 5pm. Then, add a Personal Appointment that starts at 12:30pm, with a duration of 90 minutes. The software will not allow bookings during the personal appointment time.

Step 3 - Booking The Times

  1. When a student or contact logs in, they need to go to the Calendar page.

  2. On that page they will see the days where availability is set with a green background. The title you gave it will show at the top of the date. On the Month view, the background covers the whole date, but on the Week and Day views, it only shows during the times you set it for. They will also see any other events that are scheduled during the available time block. They won't see any details about events that they are not participating in, but they will see where other things are scheduled so that they can know which times are still available to them. Again, this is easiest to see on the Week and Day views where there are gaps between the different events.

  3. When they click on a day with the green background, a popup will open that lets them choose the options they want.

  4. The first option in the popup is to choose the student who will be participating in the event.

  5. The next option to choose a class from the list. You'll want to make it as clear as possible which class they should choose, since this is directly linked to the amount of money they will be charged for the class. Again, they will not be able to choose classes that you did not select when you set the availability. After selecting a class, the software will display how much they will be charged for that class.

  6. They can select a time next. This is the time they want the lesson to start at. If they use the Month view, this will default to the From Time that you originally set, so they might need to change this before going to the next step. If they clicked on the Week or Day view, this will default to the time that they clicked on.

  7. Date will default to the date that they clicked on. If you set a date range, it will show the From and To dates that you set, and they can leave it alone, or choose a different range of dates to book on, within the date range that you originally set. They cannot choose any dates outside of the date range you set. For a date range, this simply changes the list of dates available to choose in the list below, by filtering out the dates that are not in the range they have selected. If the availability was originally set as a single date, and not a date range, they will not be able to change this.

  8. For availability that is set up as a date range, or a repeating availability, they can select more than one date to book in the list below the date. The date that they clicked on is automatically selected by default, but they can choose other dates and it will book them on those dates at the same time when they save.

  9. At the bottom of the form there will be text stating the availability range, and list the times that are already scheduled within that range, as a reminder to the student/contact.

  10. In the bottom right corner will be a Cancel button and a Book It! button. If they click Cancel, the popup closes and nothing is saved. If they click Book It!, the software will check the options they selected. If there are any problems, they will be notified in an error message and given a chance to change things. If everything checks out, they will get a message telling them that the time has been booked. You will also get an email telling you that they booked the time slot.

We hope that you and your students find this feature useful! If you have questions, or run into any problems, feel free to contact the support team for assistance.

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