Downgrading your Account

In order to downgrade your subscription, you must reduce the number of “active” students on your account, to allow for the plan you want to downgrade to. For example, if you have 15 active students, and you want to downgrade to the Bronze (10 student) plan, you will need to either delete 5 of your students, or move them to your waiting list or former students list. Once you do this, the option to downgrade to the lower plan will become available.

How to change your student’s status

To move students to your “waiting” or “former” students list, simply go to the Student list and click the student’s name. On the form, near the bottom, you will see an option for “Status”. Simply change it from "Active" to “Waiting List” or “Former”. Once you’ve reduced your students enough, you can come back to the My Account page and choose the plan you want to downgrade to.

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