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Syncing your Muso.AI credits with Airgigs
Syncing your Muso.AI credits with Airgigs
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As you know, viewing the credits of music professionals is essential in the hiring process. That's why we’re happy to be able to integrate your verified credits directly into the Airgigs platform.

By linking your Muso.AI profile to your Airgigs account, you are now able to add a new tab to your Airgigs profile page, displaying your verified music credits. These credits will be automatically updated each time a change is made – so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Syncing your account

If you have been credited on a song that is on Spotify, Muso.AI most likely has a profile for you in our database. Simply search your name on our homepage and select your profile page.

Once you’ve found your profile, copy the profile URL and paste it into your Airgigs profile settings page. There will be a new input field located directly above your country settings. Once this is set, your credits will automatically begin to sync!


Wrong or missing credits?

We are currently loading credits into our database from various sources ranging from distributors to labels which may include incorrect or missing credits.

The best way to rectify this information is by downloading the Muso.AI app and claiming your profile. Once you've claimed your profile, you can submit changes using our in-app support. These updates will reflect on your Muso.AI and Airgigs profiles within 48 hours!

Duplicate profiles?

If you have one or more multiple profiles in the Muso.AI database, it's best to claim these profiles. During this process, we will merge the credits and reflect all your credits under one account. After the profiles are merged, copy your own profile URL and insert it into your Airgigs profile

What else can I do with Muso.AI?

Muso.AI is a one-stop destination where Music Professionals such as Producers, Engineers, Musicians, and Songwriters can showcase their credits.

With Muso.AI Pro you’ll get access to Daily Credit Notifications from 11 industry platforms including Spotify, Tidal, TikTok, and Shazam directly to your phone. Your music is tracked daily, so you never miss a beat!

Managed Discography Playlists: A feature that turns your life’s work into a personalized Spotify playlist.

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