Getting started

To access Analytics, you must be a Muso.AI Pro subscriber.

Navigate to the Analytics page using the icon at the bottom of the screen.

For a detailed list of the platforms and services included in your Analytics summary, check out our article on Data Sources.

Analytics initializing

When you open the Analytics page for the first time, you will see an Analytics Initializing screen. This means we are still processing your report. Please allow up to 24 hours. When processing is complete, your Analytics will appear and refresh automatically every day.

Daily updates

Analytics refreshes daily at 4 p.m. EST / 9 p.m. UTC and will be ready to view shortly after that time. Any modifications made after this time will appear in the following day’s updates. You can turn on notifications to be reminded when your daily Analytics report is ready to view.

Note: You may experience an occasional lag between the data reported on your DSP and Muso.AI. This is only temporary and usually corrects within 24 hours.

Sorting data

View by

The default view of your Analytics report is set to the last 24 hours. Use the calendar icon to view your stats by the following time periods:

  • Today

  • Last 7 Days

  • Last 30 Days

  • Last 90 Days

  • last 12 Months

  • Year To Date

  • All Time

Group by

Use the filter icon to sort your credits by:

  • Album

  • Collaborator

  • Role

  • Tracks


Music professionals around the world are sharing their Muso.AI stat summaries on social media and it’s easy to do so right from the app.

  1. From the Analytics page, click Share.

  2. Select the timeframe of stats you want to share.

    • 1D — the last 24 hours

    • 1W — the last 7 days

    • 1M — the last 30 days

    • 3M — the last 90 days

    • 1Y — the last 12 months

    • YTD — the current year to date

    • ALL — lifetime

  3. Share your summary tile directly to Facebook, Instagram Stories*, Twitter, SMS or Whatsapp. You can also save the image to your device.

    *To post on Instagram, save the image to your device and upload manually.

  4. Post, text or publish! And don’t forget to tag #MusoAI.

Incomplete data

There may be instances where you see an Incomplete Data alert listing the number of tracks that are still processing.

When all of your tracks are finished processing, this alert will disappear and your Analytics summary will include your complete catalog.

It can take up to 48 hours for processing to complete.

Tracking multiple profile/artist analytics

If you have more than one artist on your Roster, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner to switch between summaries for each profile and/or artist.

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