Analytics summarizes your credit activity across multiple platforms.

  • Streams: Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube

  • Socials: TikTok (Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts coming soon!)

  • Shazams: Shazam

  • Charts: Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport, iTunes, Shazam

  • Playlists: Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube

  • Playlist Reach: Deezer, Spotify

What your data means

  • Streams are tallied when someone listens to a track for 30 seconds or more

  • Socials includes the total sum of views on videos featuring your track

  • Shazams are counted each time your track is searched using Shazam

  • Charts are counted whenever one of the tracks you’re credited on is added to a chart

  • Playlists are counted when your track gets added to a playlist with more than 100+ followers

  • Playlist Reach is the total number of followers subscribed to playlists featuring your track

How to add missing sources

From the Analytics page, scroll down to Sources to view the platforms included in your summary.

If your track is streaming on a platform that isn’t listed in your Analytics, scroll down to Sources and tap +Add Source. From here, you can submit a direct link to your track or album on the unlisted platform and we’ll make sure the source is added.

It can take up to 24 hours for the new source to show up in your summary.

Note: We do not accept URL links for covers, remakes, live mixes or live versions unless you’ve been credited on a live rendition track.

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