MVCode Livestream is the most exciting and engaging way for kids to learn to code from anywhere.

Kids join weekly instructor-led classes,

Instructor-led classes via Zoom

Each week, students log into Zoom to work with their instructors. Students typically work on their own projects at their own pace, and instructors are there to help solve problems, teach new concepts and keep students motivated and excited.

Project Based Curriculum

MVCode has developed an age-appropriate coding curriculum to help your students learn to code.

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We have hundreds of lessons and courses available on many different platforms such as Scratch, Minecraft, Javascript and Unity.

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Students can work with instructors or independently to learn concepts related to coding. As students master concepts, our algorithms automatically recommend new lessons and courses to help students learn.

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Prizes, Points, Badges, Ranks and More

Keeping students motivated and excited is a key to learning. Students earn points and badges by completing lessons, courses and challenges.

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Instructors can also give students points for displaying positive behaviors such as helping other students, showing grit, and solving difficult problems on their own. As students improve, they can achieve new ranks which recognize their accomplishments.

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Points can be exchanged for prizes which are shipped to your home monthly. A very fun and exciting way to keep students motivated.

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How do I Access Livestream

Login to a student account. When a livestream is broadcasting, click on the livestream link, and that will bring you into the livestream room.

When is livestream available?

We run livestream from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM Monday - Friday, but our schedule is posted on the upcoming page

OpenLab Livestream is available from 9 AM - 3 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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Livestream Cancellation Policy

Continuous Membership billed monthly. Cancellation occurs at the end of the billing cycle, and will not be pro-rated. Cancel online via your account page, or contact us at Makeups must be completed within 30 days.

More questions? Contact us at to learn more.

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