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How to integrate your Paypal Business account to charge for campaigns
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Please Note: Your Paypal account MUST be a business account, it cannot be personal. If you only have a personal account it is very easy to switch your account type over to business.

First, please go to My Account> Update Profile> Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page to the "Payment Options" section, and make sure the box for "Paypal Script" is empty.

Next, Please log in to your Paypal account.

Once you are logged in click on Pay and Get Paid
then under Accept Payments, you want to go to PayPal Buttons

Next, proceed to Smart Buttons

Under button type select "Fixed Price", then set item price to "1".

Click Copy Code

Next, please go back into the Profile of your account and paste the code into the "Paypal Script" section, and then select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and Save.

You are all done!

Trouble Shooting

If you notice your Paypal payments are not being received, your customer ID in your Paypal code may have a sandbox placeholder in it instead. To correct this you will need to reach out to Paypal's team.

One way to check this is when you complete registration on a landing page and are taken to Paypal to pay, check the URL at the top of the box to see if it shows "sandbox".

If you do see this please reach out to paypal's customer service team

at the bottom of the screen they have several ways to reach out, including a live chat feature.

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