Welcome! Thanks for your interest in our Race Host platform, where you can set up your very own map based virtual fitness challenge for your audience to participate in.

Before you start

Mission set up is only available on the web via desktop/laptop computer. We do have a mobile app for iOS and Android that people can use to participate in the mission.

Race host pricing can be found here. Tiered pricing discounts are available for groups >250, and school groups.

Step 1 - Mission Type

To get set up go to https://www.myvirtualmission.com/start - you will need to log onto your account, or sign up with an email and password.

We strongly recommend setting up a trial mission before creating your live mission.

To set up your mission , just follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Create Your Own Mission" button

  2. Select "Group Mission"

  3. Create a new group by entering a name and description

  4. Choose a billing currency. For a trial mission you will not incur any charges but are still required to set up a currency for display purposes. It is important that you select the correct currency during your live mission set up. We support the following currencies: USD, GBP, EURO, CAD, NZD and AUD

  5. From the "Group Type" area, select either " Trial Mission" or "Race Host mission"

  6. Click the button at the bottom "Next: Map Setup"

Step 2: Map Setup

Here you can create the mission pathway on the map by clicking points to build your own custom route.

Important points

Once your map is created it can be edited at any time by navigating to the ‘mission control’ section at the top right of your mission page (you can also edit your mission description, time frame and privacy settings here if required).

"Snap to Roads" is on by default. This means that your pathway between the points that you plot will follow the road network. You can turn Snap to Roads off if you want to go in straight lines instead. You can switch between the two options if you wish.

Warning! If you hit the "reset" button, your mission pathway will completely disappear.

The "Undo" button removes the last point you plotted on the map. But you probably already knew that.

You can plot as many points on the map as you wish. Points on the map are not waypoints on the mission. They are only used to create the mission.

Plotting your path

Find the location on the map that you want to start from. It pays to zoom right into this location so that you get an accurate starting point.

Click on the map at the point you want your mission to start from. Continue to click on the map to build the pathway. Note the distance increases each time you plot a point on the map. Handy!

When you are happy with the mission pathway, click the "Next: Mission Information" button.

You can always come back and edit the map later on if you wish, again by navigating to the ‘mission control’ tab at the top right of your mission page.

Step 3 - Mission Information

Mission details

Fill in the appropriate mission information details. These details can be updated in the future if you require, by navigating to the ‘mission control’ section at the top right of your mission page.

Mission timeframe

The mission timeframe is the length of time that your mission will go for.

Fixed length mission - has a set start and end date.

Ongoing mission - you set the maximum and recommended time frame. People can come on board and participate in your mission at any time. The mission ends when you decide to end it.

For a trial mission, you can set any duration however the mission will end 7 days after it is launched.

Mission privacy

Set the privacy of the mission to public or private.

Private missions are hidden from people who do not have the link to your mission. Only users who are on your mission will be able to see your mission page and leaderboards. This setting can be updated at any time.

Launching your mission

You will need to accept our terms and conditions prior to launching your mission

Once you are ready to create the mission, click the "Create Mission" button.

This only creates the mission, it doesn't launch it

Congrats! You have just created your mission. You will be sent to the "mission page".


Your mission page

The mission page is the main page for your mission. You will notice two tabs ‘admin’ and ‘platform’ which will be explained below:

Admin tab

Export Data

Useful for creating custom reports and checking participant info. You can select the time frame that you would like to view and then download a CSV file. Note: if you are viewing a participant export, you won’t need to select a time frame.

Manage exercise types

Restrict which types of exercise to allow onto the mission, and choose what apps and sources you want to allow your participants to connect to.

Invite participants

Information on how to invite people to join the mission. Participants who are waiting to be approved onto your mission will also be visible in this area and show as ‘pending’.

Auto join

Set a Mission Code. This enables people who know the code to join the mission without your approval. Anyone who enters the code will be automatically approved onto your mission.

Setting up teams

If you don't want teams then you can skip this part and people can join as individuals.

You can either set up teams before you start inviting people to join or you can invite people to join and then set up teams, or a combo of the two!

If you set up teams before people join then people can select their desired team when joining. This can be helpful to cut down admin time.

Note: You can just have one giant team of people and create an all-for-one mission. There is no maximum or minimum number of people on a team

To set up a team:

Click "Add new team".

Give the team and name and assign an image.

Hit save

Do this for each team that you want to create.

Platform tab

- Change your header background color or upload a custom header image - you will need to check the web and mobile view to ensure your image displays correctly. A simple graphic without text is ideal.

- Upload a Facebook share image - this is good to include if you are wanting to share your mission on social pages.

- Change your header text/alternate color - this is recommended, otherwise our My Virtual Mission header will be displayed in place.

- Milestones. Add up to 30 custom milestones along your mission pathway. Milestones are triggered on the My Virtual Mission app and also emailed through to each participant when they reach certain positions on your mission.

- You can set the positions, add a title and text, and upload a graphic for each milestone. These are a great addition to any challenge and a perfect way to incorporate important messages, sponsors information or to draw attention to specific locations on your mission pathway

If required you can add a Mission entry custom question for participants to answer when they join your mission. This can be set as compulsory if you require an answer from every participant.

You can also add a mission completion email which is sent to each person who finishes your mission. This can be used to congratulate your participants and may include a link to a digital certificate, for example.

You can include mission fundraising information if you are wanting to add a fundraising aspect to your challenge, or if you are using an external fundraising platform and want to share the progress on your mission page.

Adding a URL to an external fundraising page will place a ‘sponsor’ button on your mission page. You can also add a goal amount and manually update this as your mission progresses.

You can also upload an image or video link to appear on your mission page.

Here is an example of a mission page with fundraising enable. Notice the addition of the Fundraising target and sponsor button

Inviting people to join

Now it's time to start onboarding your participants.

For trial missions there is a maximum of 4 people on the mission.

Head over to the "Admin" tab on the mission page (just above the map)

From here you can enable "Auto join" which means that people who apply to join your mission will automatically be accepted into the mission, if you are using the wallet billing method. This saves you manually having to accept each person.

As a security measure you can set an "auto join code" so that only people who enter that code when they apply to join your mission will be automatically joined. People who don't enter the code will have to be manually approved by you (or declined).

Now you are ready to start inviting people to join your mission!

Send people the link to your mission page

Each person will need to go to the mission page and click the "Join" button. When a participant applies to join the mission, they will each be prompted to register an account with My Virtual Mission by entering a name and email address.

If you have linked your Stripe account and are charging an entry fee, your participants will be able to pay to join your mission using a credit/debit card and be automatically approved once their payment has been accepted.

Launching your mission

When you are ready to put your mission live you need to "launch" it. You can launch the mission from the mission page. Near the top there will be a message with a link that you can click to launch the mission. This will take you to the billing area if you are paying for your participants (see below for billing information).

You're away! People can then start posting distances.


Live missions require payment in order to launch the mission, either by yourself, or by your participants.

There are two options available for billing on the Race Host platform. Both options can be accessed via MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING

  1. "Wallet" style billing system

You can fund an account with us and when the mission is launched, funds are deducted from your wallet by the appropriate "per person" pricing (Available form your billing page). You can on board participants prior to launching your mission, and wait until you are ready to launch your mission at which time you will be directed to fund your wallet by the appropriate amount. The wallet can also be used for any additional people that join the mission after it has been launched. If your wallet is empty, any additional participants will go into the pending section under the admin tab.

Funding your wallet can be done on the billing page, by entering the desired top up amount (MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING > Wallet)

This will instantly create an invoice which can be paid by credit card, or saved as a PDF and forwarded to the relevant department. When you pay your invoice, the funds will automatically be added to your account.

If you are unable to pay by credit card or for an amount larger than $2,000 USD then please contact your account manager to arrange a different payment method.

Wallet billing is suitable for groups who are funding a mission for participants, or groups who are managing registrations through their own channels.

2. Mission Page Checkout

You also have the option to host a checkout on your mission page. This is a popular option for charity groups and others who are wanting to collect donations/payments at the point of entry.

You will need to set up a Stripe account, or connect an existing Stripe account to your mission page in order to use the mission page checkout.

You can find out more about Stripe here

You can connect your Stripe account via MISSION CONTROL > MANAGE BILLING > Mission Page Checkout

Once you have connected your Stripe account, you can set your entry amounts via the ‘Platform’ tab on your mission page ‘Set your pricing’. You can either charge a fixed entry amount, or a variable entry amount. When a participant makes their payment to join, we deduct our platform fee, and the remainder goes directly to your Stripe account, which will be linked to your bank account. Stripe transaction fees are charged on the total payment amount. Please check out www.stripe.com to view their current rates.

Support for participants during your mission

You and your participants can contact support for any technical queries during the course of your mission.

Support can be accessed by the methods below:

  1. Mobile app: main menu, support, start a conversation

  2. Web: from top menu, click help, which will take you to knowledge base. There is a chat widget in Bottom right corner. User must be logged in.

  3. Email: by emailing mvmsupport@myvirtualmission.com from the email associated with their my virtual mission account

We do not offer support for users via a mission admin, via our Facebook group, by emailing any other person at My Virtual Mission besides the support email listed above.

Mission admins can ask knowledge questions and general assistance about their mission by contacting their account manager. If you are expecting over 50 participants on your mission and don’t have an account manager, please contact support for further assistance.

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