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Why is my entire Family Tree Poster blank?
Why is my entire Family Tree Poster blank?
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If you generated a poster that is mostly blank, this is because:

  • the person you selected as your starting person does not have ancestors in


  • the individuals aren't properly connected within the family tree in

When creating your poster, be sure to select a starting person who is closer to the beginning of your line. Someone like you, a child, parent, etc. These posters will include the starting person's ancestors. If you choose a starting person at the end of your line, the poster is not generating anything because you do not have ancestral information for that person.

If a blank poster is being generated, please go to your family tree on and check the profiles of the Ancestors that are missing. If their children and/or parents are not listed on their profile's 'Facts', please add them and retry generating a new poster in MyCanvas.

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