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How to Change the Background of the Pages in Your Family History Books and Calendars
How to Change the Background of the Pages in Your Family History Books and Calendars

Adding Backgrounds to Family History Books & Calendars

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Are you looking to add something special to your Family History Book or Calendar? The right background shows off your family's history and photographs! Here's a step-by-step guide on customizing your project with backgrounds.


First, create a new project, or open the project you'd like to edit.

If you're working on a book or calendar, click on the page you wish to edit to enter edit mode.

The "Edit" tab below the book pages will also take you to the editor.


Click on the "Backgrounds" tab in the editor, browse through the available categories, or search for a specific name.

Then select your background and choose whether you want to apply it to:

  • Only this page


  • All pages


While in the page editor, hover over the photo you want to set as the background. You'll see a grid of dots in the upper right corner of the image. Click on those dots to fix it as the background.

If at any point you would like to go back to the default design, it is the first background in the backgrounds category.

When editing your Family History Book, you'll see a pink border around each page. If you hover your mouse over the border, you'll see the message, "Items in the shaded area may be cut off."

When customizing the background with a photo, please note that anything in the shaded area may get cut off in production or fall into the bookbinding. We print ordered projects as you've created them, so please be sure to check for typos, correctness, and layout.

Here's more information on the bleed zone.

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