You may now create a copy of your MyCanvas project! This new feature will come in handy if you would like to order multiple copies of one project with minor differences in each. I will be duplicating a Family History Book in this guide, but you can follow the same steps to duplicate a Family History Poster or Calendar.

  1. Go to the Family History section of the MyCanvas website and select a book, poster, or calendar.

  2. Proceed to select the cover type and size of the book (or poster type and size) as if you are creating a new project. Be sure to choose the same options as the project you would like to duplicate. I would like to create a copy of my Tan Leather 13x10 book, so I've selected those options below. When duplicating a calendar, you will not have these options. Click continue.

  3. Each project you've created of this particular style and size will appear. Locate the project you'd like to make a copy of and click the "Duplicate" button below it.

  4. You'll see a new project appear with the title "Copy of..."

  5. To edit and rename the "Copy of..." version, click the "Resume" button below the copied project. Enter a new name for your project at the top of the screen if you'd like, then click Save.

  6. To access both projects at any time, you may repeat the steps above or easily locate and continue the projects in your Account Creations.

See our video tutorial here:

To create a copy of a book, poster, or calendar that you have already ordered, please see: How to Edit and Reorder a Previously Ordered Project.

To reorder one or more copies of a previous order without making any changes, please see: How to Reorder an Exact Copy of a Previously Ordered Project.

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