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How to Duplicate Your Project
How to Duplicate Your Project
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Duplicating your project is handy if you would like to order multiple copies of one project with minor differences in each. For example, I can create a Family Tree Poster or Family History Book for myself, duplicate it, and manually change the starting person to my sibling. This allows me to easily create a poster or book for them with all of the edits and customizations I already made to my own project!

To learn how to duplicate your projects, watch the video tutorial below or keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Go to the My Projects section of the MyCanvas website.

Locate the project under "My Creations" and click the green "Duplicate" button below it.

You'll see a new project appear with the title "Copy of..."

To edit and rename the "Copy of..." version, click the blue "Edit" button below the copied project. Enter a new name for your project at the top of the screen, then click Save.

You may easily locate and continue both projects in your Account Creations.

To create a copy of a book, poster, or calendar that you have already ordered, please see: How to Edit and Reorder a Previously Ordered Project.

To reorder one or more copies of a previous order without making any changes, please see: How to Reorder an Exact Copy of a Previously Ordered Project.

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