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What is the pink border on my book pages?
What is the pink border on my book pages?

Family History Book Bleed Zone

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Watch the following video to learn about the bleed zone, or read about it below.

When editing your Family History Book, you'll see a pink border around each page:

If you hover your mouse over the border, you'll see the message "Items in the shaded area may be cut off".

What is this border?

We've recently added the highly-requested bleed zone area to guide you in designing your pages. You're welcome to add photos or text to the edges of the page, but please note that anything in the shaded area may get cut off in production or fall into the bookbinding. If you do have items placed within the bleed zone, you'll receive a warning prior to adding your project to your cart.

How can I remove the bleed zone border from my page?

The bleed zone will always be present in edit mode. This border will not be printed in your book. You can view all of your pages without the border in preview mode after exiting edit mode. To exit edit mode, click the 'Done' button at the top of the editor.

Why do some of your page templates cross over into the shaded area?

We recognize that some of our original templates in the 11x8.5" books push the boundaries of the safe zone. It is optional to move elements that fall into the bleed zone, but we recommend it. We have adjusted the templates for new 11x8.5" book projects to be within the page parameters.

I don't see anything in the bleed zone on my page, but it's warning me I have an item placed on the page edge.

This can happen if your text box or photo frame runs into the bleed zone.

You can adjust the text box or frame size so it no longer touches the border, but as long as your photo or text isn't visibly within the bleed zone, you don't have to worry about it getting cut off.

I don't see the bleed zone at all.

If the bleed zone doesn't appear in your page editor, you've likely created your project in an older version of our book editor that cannot be updated. We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope these visuals give you an idea of how to set up your book pages.

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