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How to Share Your MyCanvas Project
How to Share Your MyCanvas Project

A step-by-step guide to sharing your order with family and friends

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Have you created a Family History Project that you'd like to share? Once you have ordered your custom project, you can share a digital preview with family and friends to view it and order a copy of their own.

Watch the tutorial or keep reading the step-by-step guide to creating a shareable link to your ordered project.

1. Begin by heading to the Account Orders section under your User Profile or click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar, then select "Orders."

2. Click the "Show Detail" button next to the project you want to share.

3. Locate the project under the ordered products section and click "Share Creation."

If your order says "Reorder nor share not available," unfortunately, it is too old to be reprinted or shared.

4. A box will pop up where you can enter your creation's title, the author's name, and a description of the order.

5. Select the blue "Share Creation" button in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up, and the shareable link for your project will be automatically created.

6. Click the green "Copy Link" button to copy your shareable link and send it to your friends and family via email. Your digital preview will be available to anyone with the link. They will be able to view and purchase a copy of your project. Please note that they cannot edit your shared project.

Go ahead and click the "Preview" button if you'd like to review the digital preview of your creation and see how your family and friends will enjoy previewing what you've created!

Select the "Stop Sharing" button if you no longer wish to share the project.

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