Assigning New Titles to Pages

You can change how the page title appears in the Table of Contents in the Settings panel of the page editor.

  • Navigate to the page in the editor

  • Select the Settings panel

  • Beneath the Table of Contents section, deselect "Use the default page title"

  • Click in the "Page caption" box to type your page title.

Excluding Pages from the Table of Contents

To exclude a page from the table of contents:

  • Navigate to the page in the editor

  • Click the Settings panel

  • Deselect "Include this page" in the Settings panel of the editor

Adding to the Table of Contents

You can add more text to the table of contents page by using the text boxes from the text tab. There are two regular "Text" options: the first "Text" text box is center-aligned and the second is left-aligned.

Or you can add new information to the table of contents page by duplicating an existing text box, then resize, edit, and move as needed.

Original text boxes, and original text boxes that are duplicated, cannot be deleted. If you wish to undo an edit, click the back arrow at the top left of the editor.

Editing Font Size and Style

First, select the text box you want to edit.

To Bold, Italicize, or BoldItalic text, you must select a font type that ends with - Bold, - Italic, - SemiBold, - BoldItalic, or - SemiBoldItalic. There is no bold or italic button like you would find in a word processing program.

To increase or decrease the font size, use your mouse to click the arrow keys to the right of the number box.

To change the font color, click the 'A' icon and select a color from the pre-determined choices. Or use your mouse to click and move the color faders to customize a color from the color menu.

Finally, click the left, center, or right alignment icons on the top white toolbar to align your content.

The Table of Contents is dynamic and is constantly updating as you build your book. Please note that it will reset to the default font settings each time a page is added/removed. We recommend holding off on editing the font in your Table of Contents until the pages are finalized. This can be the last step before you add the book to your cart. Feel free to send us your order number once you've ordered the book and we'd be happy to confirm the Table of Contents has your preferred font.

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