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Using Grids and Rulers in the Family History Project Editor
Using Grids and Rulers in the Family History Project Editor
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We've recently added the highly-requested grid and ruler features to guide you in designing your Family History projects. Here’s a quick video about what they look like and how they work.

Rulers have been added to the top and left sides of the page. Depending on the size of the project, they will be broken into half an inch, or inch-long increments, showing the full size of the project.

When you select an item within a project, a portion of the ruler will turn dark gray to show the size of the object selected. It moves along the ruler as the object is moved. This is a great visual tool for helping line up objects how you’d like.

The second tool that has been added is a grid. You can turn the grid on by selecting the “Show Grid” button in the top white toolbar. Use this grid to align objects further within your project.

To turn the grid off, simply select the “Hide Grid” button from the same toolbar. Please note, if you forget to turn this off, the grid will not print in your project.

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