A text question allows your customers to type text or display predefined text values on certain areas of your product.

Adding a text question

  1. Open your product;

  2. Click on the + button on the left;

  3. Click on Text.

  4. A text question is automatically added to the question panel.

Choosing between personalized text or predefined values

Choose between the following two options:

Text input

Text input allows your customer to type text. You can enter a placeholder to display a value when the your customer has not typed anything.

Dropdown allows you to offer predefined values. Click on the + button to add your predefined values.

Showing or hiding a text

For each of your product views, you can show or hide a text.

1. Under Size and position, select a view.

2. Activate or deactivate the toggle Show text in view X.

Editing the size and position of your text

Under Size and position, click on EDIT.


  • Select this option for single line texts, straight or curved.

  • Use the dots at each end of the path to position it.

  • You align the text on the left, center or right.

  • If the text entered by the customer is longer than the path, it will be automatically scaled down when it reaches the end points of the path.

A straight path

A curved path


  • Select this option for multiline texts.

  • Multiline texts can be centered, aligned to the left or right.

  • Use the dots at each corner of the text area to position it.

  • Your can rotate your text by moving the dot located on top of the box.

  • If the text entered by the customer is longer than the text area, it will disappear when it reaches the end.

Adding an outline around your text

To add an outline around your text, under Outline, set a width greater than 0. You can also set you outline default color.

If you would like your customers to choose their outline color / width, click on + Outline question. Then you can add your outline answer by clicking on + Outline answer.

Setting the text maximum length

Under Text max length, type the maximum character quantity a customer is allowed to type in the text input box.

Activate the Show character count toggle to display the quantity of characters typed by the customer and the maximum character quantity allowed.

Converting typed text to lowercase or uppercase

Under Text Modifier, you can transform a text to lowercase or UPPERCASE.

1. Uppercase

This will convert any text typed by the customer to uppercase,
e.g. 'My Text' will become 'MY TEXT'.

2. Lowercase

This will convert any text typed by the customer to lowercase,
e.g. 'My Text' will become 'my text'.

Allowing only letters or only numbers

You can pre-set which type of input characters are allowed, choosing between letters only, numbers only, or both.

  1. Within your text question, open the Settings

  2. Under Input characters, make your selection:

Applying a neon effect on text

You can now add a neon glow to any text question!

To add the neon effect to your text:

1. Click on your text question to open its settings panel;
2. Scroll down and activate the 'Neon effect' toggle:


Uploading a font

Under Font, you can upload your font files. You can upload TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 files.

If you are mostly targeting users with modern browsers, you can only use WOFF and WOFF2 formats. If you want to expand support as wide as possible, upload OTF and TTF files as well.

Offering many fonts

If you want to allow your customers to choose between different fonts:

  1. Click on Create font question

  2. Click on the + button to add font answers.

Having problems with your fonts?

  1. Open your font on your computer and make sure that it contains numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters;

  2. Make sure your font file is not corrupted;

  3. You can try converting your font to web fonts using a tool like the Font Squirrel Webfont Generator.

Setting your text color

Next to Color, click on the colored black circle and use the color picker or type in a hex code to specify your text color.

Offering many text colors

If you want to allow your customers to choose between different text colors:

  1. Click on Create color question;

  2. Click on the + button to add color answers.

Setting your font size

For each of your product views, you can specify a font size.

1. Under Font size, select a view;

2. Type in your font size next to Size in view X.

Offering font sizes

If you want to allow your customers to choose between different font sizes:

  1. Click on Create font size question;

  2. Click on the + button to add font size answers.

Masking your text

You can hide the text if you wish to avoid it overlapping on certain images.

Under Mask, select all the images for which you want the text to be confined within and it will mask all the text that spills out of those images.

For example, the "BLENDING" text is masked to confine it to the Palm image.

Applying a multiply effect on your text

Under Blending option, activate the ‘Multiply’ toggle if you want your text color to blend with the image under it.

The multiply feature will not be optimal if the image in the background is too dark.

Preventing customers to type bad words

You can activate the ‘Bad words filter’ to prevent certain words or idioms from being used in custom input text questions on your products.

To activate it, go to the Kickflip dashboard > Settings > Bad words filter

You can use our default English bad words list or add your own list.

This is how it should display in your customizer:

You may also change the error message to whatever you would like using translations.

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