Configure Portal Dashboard
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In this article we will explain how to manage your Portal Dashboard:

  1. What is it

  2. How to turn it on

  3. How to configure it

  4. How to turn it off

1. What is it

Portal Dashboard (or portal home page) is a page designed to be an entry point into a portal. It looks like this:

Benefits of having a portal dashboard are the following:

  • you can publish a welcome message for your clients with instructions and contact information

  • the notifications table lets you see what has happened in the portal since you visited it last

  • you and your clients can add comments. We will notify other portal users when new comments appear on the Dashboard

2. How to turn it on

Portal Dashboard will appear automatically in each portal if the portal group was created after 5th of April 2024, so you do not need to do anything.

For portal groups created before that date, you need to turn it on manually. To do this:

  1. Go to your chosen client portal group

  2. Select Settings / Home

  3. Add your portal group description which will appear on the top of the Dashboard page and Save

  4. Finally, click on theOpen Portal Tab Configuration button

then perform these action:

  1. Remove the Home tab from the right panel

  2. Click on the Dashboard tab from the left panel

  3. Drag the Dashboard tabl to the top of the list

  4. Save

At the end of this step, the above page should look like this:

You can now test your Dashboard by entering any existing portal in this group or by creating a new one:

3. How to configure it

There are two elements of the dashboard which need configuring:

  1. The Description banner - this is where you can publish a welcome message or a short tutorial. To add a description click on the "Edit description" button

  2. Comments - you can decide if you want comments enabled or not. To turn them on or off, go to portal group settings and use the checkbox. Note that commments are turned on by default

MyDocSafe client portals - turning comments on or off

4. How to turn it off

If you do not wish to have the dashboard turned on you can easily remove it. To do that:

  1. Click on "Open Portal Tabs Configuration" button in portal group settings

2. Then remove Dashboard from the list of Selected Items and make sure that Documents is the top item on the list.

After this operation your portals will no longer have a Dashboard. Instead, when you enter a portal you will see the Documents tab like this:

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