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Who are the Founders of MyDoge?
Who are the Founders of MyDoge?

Founders, Co-Founders, Founding Team

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MyDoge is founded by:

  1. Bill Lee ( Bill is a co-founder of Craft Ventures and has over 20+ years of experience co-founding successful startups such as RemarQ (acquired for $285M) and Bitgo (acquired for $1.2B). He is also an early investor in startups such as Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, Coinbase, and Opensea. Most importantly, Bill has a starship in the metaverse orbited by a Dogecoin rocket that poos Tesla shorts. Much True – If you have read this far and tweet him a screenshot of you visiting the rocket on Twitter, he is rumored to tip you.

  2. Jordan Jefferson ( (LinkedIn). Jordan is a lifelong software engineer and founder who fell in love with crypto in 2011, co-founding, the first micro-jobs marketplace for Bitcoin, and, where early adopters earned 10,000s of Bitcoin by completing tasks. Now, Jordan believes that Dogecoin, the people's currency, is our best hope for truly democratized money.

  3. Alex Lewis ( (LinkedIn). Alex has been a principal engineer for over 16 years. Recently forming his own software consultancy in 2018, he began working in crypto full-time as a smart contract developer. Over the years he's built everything, with expertise across mobile apps, fintech and video games. As the Chief Architect of the MyDoge platform, Alex is the definition of a l33t c0d3r.

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