New User Guide (claiming & sending tips)

  1. To use the @MyDogeTip Twitter bot, first you need to install the MyDoge app:

  2. Create a user profile by navigating to the "Dogeverse" screen (planet icon, bottom left) and signing in with your phone number.

  3. Connect your Twitter. Tap your avatar in the top-left corner to open the Account screen. From there, you'll see a blue "Enable Twitter Tips" button. Tap that and complete the login flow. Now you're ready to start tipping!

  4. Once you sign in to Twitter, any pending tips that users have sent you will become ready for confirmation. The senders will be notified and must confirm their tips. There's nothing you need to do after sign in!

  5. Sending tips to your Twitter friends is easy! Just tweet @MyDogeTip with the command 'tip', the recipient's Twitter handle, and an amount. Example:

    Pro tip: you can now send tips without the word "tip": @MyDogetip @MyDogeCTO 69.420 works!

  6. The bot will respond on Twitter with confirmation or any errors.

  7. In the MyDoge app on the Wallet screen, you will see a pending tip.

    If the user has connected their Twitter to their MyDoge wallet, you can complete the tip immediately:

    If not, you will have to wait for that user to link their Twitter to their MyDoge wallet before completing your tip:

  8. Please use the Help Center on the Settings screen for any further issues.

Using Tip Trains

  1. When you reply to a tweet thread (any tweet with replies) using "+tip amount", you'll join a tip train for the original post in the thread.

  2. Note that +tip always goes to the original poster in the thread, or the original recipient, if the original post was tip to someone else.

  3. Whenever you create a new tweet thread with a valid @MyDogeTip, you'll start a tip train for the recipient automatically. Other people can join the train by replying "+tip amount".

  4. If you want to tip someone else who is not the original poster in a thread, use "@MyDogeTip @username amount" instead.

MyDogeTip is non-custodial: what does that mean?

When you send a tip on Twitter, you are required to confirm the tip from the MyDoge app. That's because MyDoge never has access to your Dogecoin. All tips go directly from your wallet to the recipient's wallet.

Why is my outgoing tip pending?

If you send a tip to a user who doesn't have the MyDoge app, or has not connected their Twitter account, your tip will show as pending. Once that user creates a MyDoge wallet and links their Twitter, you will be able to complete the tip.

This flow is required to keep MyDogeTip 100% non-custodial.

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