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How to backup your wallet?
How to backup your wallet?
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Click on the user profile icon located on the top left of the screen and select “Settings and Support”

Select Backup & Security from the Settings menu.

Now you have two methods to backup your wallet.

1- Backup to iCloud - The wallet is backuped on your iCloud account of your phone.

2- Backup your private seed phrase. - You manually write down/save your private key.

You must store your seed phrase in a safe place. The only way to recover your Dogecoin if you lose your app/phone/device is with your seed phrase. You should write your seed phrase down and store it in a safe place that only you can access. We do not recommend taking a screenshot of your seed phrase. MUCH WARNING: IF YOU LOSE YOUR SEED PHRASE, WE CANNOT HELP YOU. ONLY YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR DOGECOIN. We are not a custodial service.

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