As long as you are alive πŸ˜ƒ

Legacy Contacts cannot access your Myend account while you are alive. So you can keep all your secrets stored and locked away until it’s time to share your last wishes.

Last Goodbyes

When sending a Last Goodbye to someone from your contact list, your Legacy Contact will not be able to see the content of this message. This message is meant only for your selected contact.

You can however, let your Legacy Contact decide on; when your messages should be sent. Some messages, based on their content, should be sent out immediately.


Your Legacy Contacts will not be able to see the list of your belongings and the beneficiaries you have chosen as long as you are alive.

Vault & Important documents

Your Legacy Contacts do not have access or information about any Key-codes, passwords or documents that you have stored in your Vault. This information is locked and only accessible for them after you have failed your Proof of Life and this is being verified.

When adding information to you Vault, you can decide on who gets access to what. So this is not limited to just your Legacy Contacts.

Last Will and Directives

Your Legacy Contacts have no permission to access your last wishes or other directives. However, if they are close to you, now might be a good time to mention some of your thoughts to them for when the time comes.

When you have passed away 😒

Your Legacy Contacts will only get access to your Myend account after you're gone. And even then, they will not be able to see your personal Myend Messages to others. When you appoint multiple Legacy Contacts you can ask them to take care of different matters.

When do Legacy Contacts get access to your account?

Once both of your Legacy Contacts (assigning two is preferable) have heard the sad news, they will separately have to inform Myend of your passing by using the Legacy Contact notification.

Myend will verify this notification with you first. When we are unable to reach you by email or phone within 24 hours, your Myend account will be deactivated and made available to your Legacy Contacts .

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