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How to add a new belonging
How to add a new belonging

A quick, step-by-step Myend guide

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Make a list of belongings you wish your loved ones to receive after you pass away. πŸŽπŸ’

What do you need?

A Myend account. This feature is available in all subscription plans.

How can you add a new belonging?

  • Go to your Myend homepage.

  • Locate the "Belongings" button on the left panel.

  • Click it and you will be directed to the Belongings menu. You can add a new belonging by pressing the "Add belonging" button on the very top of the left panel.

  • If you currently have no belongings, you can also use the "try it now" button you see in the center of your screen. You can also find our video tutorial there.

  • If you already have add belongings to this section, you can also click the + button at the center of any of the squares.

  • Regardless of which you button you clicked, you will see the same new window.

  • Fill in carefully every field.

  • Pro tips: Add a picture to make it explicitly clear which item you are referring to. Fill in the name of the item too in the subject field and add a category to your belonging.

  • It's important to add a beneficiary and an alternate beneficiary in case your first choice cannot receive the belonging for any reason. You can select any of your existing contacts as a beneficiary or decide to add one later. Finally you can add an instructions to your beneficiary regarding that specific item you're giving them.

  • After you have finished with the above just press save and your new belonging has been added.

  • You can edit any of your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and then clicking the pen button. After that just make the changes you wish.

  • You can delete any of your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and pressing the trash can button.

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