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How to add a new Contact
How to add a new Contact

A quick, step-by-step Myend guide

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Make a list of contacts by adding family members, friends, and even colleagues! 👪❣️

What do you need?

A Myend account. This feature is available in all subscription plans.

How can you add a contact?

  • Go to your Myend homepage.

  • Locate the "Contacts" button on the left panel.

  • Click it and you will be directed to the Contacts menu. You can add a new contact by pressing the "Create contact" button on the very top of the left panel. You can select if the person added is a family member, a friend or even a Legacy Contact.

  • If you currently have no contacts, you can also use the "create contact" button you see in the center of your screen. You can also find our video tutorial below it.

  • Regardless of which you button you clicked, you will see the same new window. Fill in carefully every field.

  • Pro tips: Add a picture to make it explicitly clear which person you are referring to. Fill in the first and last name of the person and add their email and phone number. Finally, specify your exact relationship with this contact.

  • This is an optional step for contacts you plan to use in your Last Will and/or other Directives: In this case click the "Add details for Will & Directives" button on the lower left corner of the window. Make sure to fill in all the fields as detailed as possible since different Directives require different contact details. Finally, you can add notes to this contact too.

  • After you have finished with the above just press save and your new contact has been added. You can see if that contact is a Legacy Contact or a beneficiary at the Contacts page.

  • You can edit your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and then clicking the pen button. After that just make the changes you wish.

  • You can delete any of your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and pressing the trash can button. Myend does not store your data after you have chosen to delete it.

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