Add digital assets to your Vault, including passwords, accounts and media. 💻📱

What do you need?

A Myend account. This feature is available in all subscription plans.

How can you add a new digital asset?

  • Go to your Myend homepage.

  • Locate the "Vault" button on the left panel.

  • Click it and you will be directed to the Vault menu. You can add a new item by pressing the "Add item" button on the very top of the left panel. Additionally, you can select if the item added is about a computer, cell phone, email, social media or a website. The type of entry you choose will be important later and cannot be edited.

  • If you currently have no items in your Vault, you can also use the "store password" button you see in the center of your screen. You can also find our video tutorial there.

  • Regardless of which you button you clicked, you will see the same new window.

  • Fill in every field carefully.

  • Pro tips: Depending on the type of entry you have chosen, you will be asked to fill in different details. Generally speaking, keep any related URLs, passwords, names of devices, phone numbers and PIN codes at hand so you can fill in the entry as thoroughly as possibly.

  • After you have finished with the above just press save and your new item has been added to your Vault.

  • You can edit any of your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and then clicking the pen button. After that just make the changes you wish.

  • You can delete any of your entries at any time by simply clicking on them and pressing the trash can button. Myend does not store your data after you have chosen to delete it.

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