Our staff aided eBay in the creation of their MVL nearly 10 years ago, and we have been sending fitment data to eBay since they have been able to receive it. Our expertise with ACES information translates directly to working with eBay. Unlike Amazon, eBay accepts fitment data only over API, and does not accept ACES XML fitment data from sellers. This means that in order to manage fitment data effectively at eBay, you need to communicate that information via API.

myFitment's use of eBay's Trading API, Product API, and Finding API in the past has allowed us to send fitment data quickly and easily. An API integration means that you can save your fitment data in your myFitment eBay account, and then refresh your listing in a browser and immediately see it. It offers a level of trust and satisfaction that our users, and internet users in general, expect today. myFitment uses a proprietary algorithm to search and find parts, item specifics, titles, and more via API on eBay as part of our Inquisitor service.

eBay's brand new Buying and Selling APIs mean that myFitment can offer new opportunities to our hundreds of eBay Automotive and Power Sports Parts & Accessories Sellers. Staff attended eBay's Connect conference at eBay HQ in San Jose in July. Our integration with the new API has begun and will be complete in Q1 2018, although some calls will be ready in Q4 2017.

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