The ACES fitment that you create for Amazon and others with your myFitment subscription is available to our Premium and VIP customers in the form of ACES XML files. Brand owners expanding their reach beyond Amazon will need access to the accepted automotive aftermarket industry format in order to target the widest possible audience of resellers and buyers. ACES XML gives you that reach.

The ACES XML report format becomes available for customers at the Premium and VIP levels. Once you choose this report, and select the brand for which you are creating it, myFitment will generate the data into this month's version of ACES, including only those records that are valid for the current month. This ensures that your data won't be rejected by your trading partners, and it will give them confidence that you are up-to-date with the most recent version of the standard.

Generating ACES XML requires a significant enough degree of sophistication to justify higher subscription prices at other providers. Up to and exceeding $500 per month in some cases. myFitment is dedicated to bringing you this advanced feature at a price point that is acceptable to our eCommerce customer base.

To generate an ACES XML report, simply choose the version you wish to generate from the drop down list on the New Report page (accessible from the Report menu).

You will be presented with a few options:

You can send the data to Amazon, and even specify it as a Complete Replacement file at Amazon, removing all current fitment data and replacing it with the contents of the file. This option is especially helpful for sellers whose fitment data at Amazon is very old.

myFitment will continue to add options allowing our seller customers to generate ACES data for different categories and types of parts. If you have a suggestion for something we can add in order to make your life easier, please don't hesitate to let us know in a support request!

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