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Simulated Trading Style Restrictions

Strategy restrictions

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Please take note of the following prohibited actions:

It is prohibited to:

(a) Knowingly or unknowingly use simulated trading strategies that exploit errors in the services, such as price display errors or delayed updates.

(b) Execute simulated trades using an external or slow data feed.

(c) Engage in simulated trades, either individually or in collaboration with others (including connected live accounts and/or demo accounts or demo accounts held with different MyFundedFX entities), with the intent to manipulate simulated or actual live trading, such as entering into simultaneous opposite positions.

(d) Conduct simulated trades that contradict the terms and conditions of the provider and the trading platform.

(e) Utilize software, artificial intelligence, ultra-high-speed techniques, or mass data entry methods that may manipulate, abuse, or provide an unfair advantage when using our systems or services.

(f) Perform simulated trades in a manner that contradicts how trading is typically conducted in the actual live forex market or any other actual live or simulated financial market, or in a way that raises concerns about potential financial or other harm to the provider resulting from the customer's activities.


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