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Crashing on Mobile Devices
Crashing on Mobile Devices

Steps to try if your mobile phone or tablet is crashing consistently

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While somewhat rare, some users have reported the Mylio Photos app crashing on some mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones. Typically device crashes occur within 5-20 seconds of app startup. Follow the steps below, in order, if you are noticing that Mylio crashes on your mobile device shortly after startup.

Check if Mylio crashes in Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, many of Mylio's functions are disabled, such as syncing and importing. To open Safe Mode:

  • Tap and hold the Mylio Photos app icon on your mobile device home screen. Then select Support Options from the context menu that appears.

  • Choose Safe Mode.

  • You can try disabling Face Detection and OCR from Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, open the More Menu (3 dots in top right corner), then `Settings`, then `Advanced`. Toggle Off Face Detection and OCR.

  • Quit the Mylio app and re-open normally to leave Safe Mode.

If the app continues to crash, proceed to the next step.

Perform a Catalog Repair

If Mylio is still crashing, a Catalog Repair may also be able to help. The catalog is a file on each device that holds information about your library, such as how many photos you have and where they are stored. If this becomes damaged, the app will not function properly. Mylio can use a catalog from your other devices to sync a new catalog to the crashing mobile device. To perform a catalog repair, please take the following steps:

  • Open Mylio on another device, like a computer. It should remain open (minimized is fine) until the catalog repair is finished.

  • Tap and hold the Mylio Photos app icon on your mobile device. Then select Support Options from the context menu that appears

  • Open Mylio Photos on the crashing device to display the Support Options Window

  • Choose the Repair a Catalog option

  • Choose to recover the Main Catalog

  • Mylio will check for any errors. Even if no catalog errors are found, repair the catalog anyway

Mylio will attempt to repair the crashing device's catalog using the catalog from your computer. After the process is complete, Mylio should open normally

If the app continues to crash, proceed to the next step.

Identify the source of the crash

If your device continues to crash after performing the catalog repair, the next step is to narrow down what process is causing the app to crash. Initial import of a media library, and synchronization with other devices tend to be the common triggers for a crash. To narrow down the potential cause, perform the following steps:

  • Delete and reinstall the Mylio Photos app on your mobile device.

  • To prevent the device to try and sync media form your other devices, quit Mylio Photos on all other devices, then sign in to Mylio Photos on the crashing device.

  • During the setup process, choose NOT to import your device’s camera roll/media library and see if the device does not crash while having an empty library.

If no crash occurs, proceed to import the photos from the device by opening the More Menu (the three dots in the top-right) and select Settings > Add Media > Add Photos/Media Library.

If the device continues to operate without crashing during and after importing the camera roll or media library, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Open the Mylio app on your computer to initiate synchronization between it and your mobile device. See if the device continues to operate without crashing.

If the devices continues to crash, but you have identified the specific trigger step, please Contact Support with the information.

Android Specific Troubleshooting

On certain Android devices, we are investigating crashes that occur when Mylio Photos fails to import media from the camera roll/media library. Our team has been unable to consistently reproduce this issue and thus resolve it, but other users affected by this crash have successfully resolve the issue by taking the following steps:

  • Connect your Android phone to a computer

  • Copy everything from the DCIM folder to your computer

  • Delete all media within the DCIM folder on your phone (and the other media library folders, if applicable)

  • Open Mylio Photos on your phone. It should not crash.

  • On your computer, re-add your files to the phone’s DCIM folder

  • Open Mylio Photos on your phone. Media should be imported from the camera roll and synced to your other devices

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