Deactivating accounts will allow you to pause or temporarily halt the communication between MyLogiwa and your online store. You can resume the integration at any point without having to go through the integration steps. While your store is deactivated, we will keep all past shipment history as well as product information. We will not download any new orders or products into MyLogiwa or send any inventory or shipment information to your channel.

You can deactivate an integration by selecting the button below:

Deactivating an integration will still allow you to view the products and orders in your MyLogiwa account but you will not be downloading any new products or orders or sending any information between your online store and MyLogiwa.

When you select ‘Deactivate Integration,’ you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm. 

After selecting ‘YES,’ you will no longer track inventories or orders between MyLogiwa and your store. You will, however, still see the products in your account.

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